Baby Swimming

Join the Swim School EVERYONE is talking about. From newborn babies to adults.

Our Classes

We don’t like to brag but when it comes to Baby Swimming, we REALLY know what we are talking about. Although the Blue Lagoon Centre is fairly new, we have some of the most experienced baby swimming instructors not only here in the UK but the world.
Our classes are expertly delivered in small groups in which we will teach both you and your baby some remarkable things.
Our program, which is a warm water modified version of the STA’s international Baby & PreSchool awards, can teach even the youngest of children some remarkable water skills.

What We Teach

For babies the place to start is our STArfish levels. For children ages 2 and above the STAnley levels are here for children who have had little to no swimming experience, through to the more advanced preschool swimmer.
Following on from STAnley is Ocotpus, Angelfish and Shark which works with extremely nervous beginners through to advanced stroke work for the competent swimmer.
Use our easy course finder to see what you will learn or to check which class to join

The Benefits of An Early Introduction to water

Numerous studies have found that children who are introduced to water from an early age far exceed other children who have not in both cognitive and physical skills. That being said its not the only benefit as undertaking a Baby Swimming program with your baby is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have with your little one and will strengthen the bond between you.

Parents tell us seeing their baby underwater for the first time gives them mixed emotions (and we’ve seen it all from laughter to crying !) but when you see that your precious little one is fine and dandy and completely unfazed, you’ll be both amazed and surprised in the confidence this gives you both.

But don’t worry – we’re there will you to hold your hand and walk you through the whole process.

Underwater Photography

We LOVE underwater photos of children and have 20+ years’ experience in professional commercial underwater photography. In fact one of our Directors is an award winning underwater photographer!
Why not join one of our photography sessions and see how amazing you and your child can look!

Course benefits & Sign Up Fee

When you sign up to a Baby & PreSchool course with us we offer some amazing benefits such as:
  • FREE catch up classes should you miss a session for any reason *
  • Discounts in our coffee shop & on extra swims
  • Discounts on Swim Nappies and other swimming items in our shop
  • The ability to pay your course fee in 3 instalments (no need to pay it all upfront)
  • Priority access to follow on courses

What’s more if you maintain a course subscription you’ll only pay the sign up fee once !

* Make-up classes must be taken in the same term, or carried forward one term provided you resubscribe.

Top 5 questions for our Baby Swimming Classes.

  • 1. What should my baby wear?

    You’ll need a Huggies Little Swimmer disposable swim nappy and a covering Neoprene AquaNappy. This ensures no leakage should baby have a little “accident” whilst in the pool. If you cant find these we have a large supply at our centre.

  • 2. At what age can I start to swim with my baby?

    You can start at any time. In fact the youngest we have seen was just 2 days old.

  • 3. Does my baby need to have completed its inoculations?

    No not at all. You can swim with or without inoculations. Some older midwives still give the wrong advice and ask you to wait. This is because there was a risk that the polio could be spread, but with new vaccine technology and the fact that polio is extremely rare there is now nothing to hold you back. Don’t believe us – just type When Can I start to swim with my baby into Google and you’ll find the same advice from the NHS.

  • 4. Can both parents be in the pool with little one?

    Currently with COVID its just one parent in the pool with little one, but as soon as restrictions are removed, we’ll get back to allowing BOTH parents, even family members in the pool with little one (up to 2 adults).

  • 5. What happens if my baby does not like it?

    Its exceedingly rare for little ones not to enjoy the experience. That being said it does happen sometimes. We do ask that you persevere as we find that even the most nervous babies start to get into it in the first 3 or 4 weeks. You can also speak with your teacher to see what exercises you can do at home to bring little one on leaps and bounds.