Our Pools

Designed to feel just like a private home swimming pool, our two swimming pools are completely separated from each other making for a serene swimming experience.


Our warm water pools are between 33 and 34 degrees. Generally, normal swimming pools are around 27 degrees, so this is a full 6 degrees more, which providing instant comfort. We keep our changing rooms warm too - at least 26 degrees.

Size & Depth

The pools are both 10 metres long by 5 meters wide. They are 1.2 meters deep throughout with a shelf at one end that's perfect for adults to sit or kids to stand. Proper stairs run down into the pool. It's suitable for 10 adults at a time, each with a small child.


The whole centre is designed to be cosy and intimate

We have Beautiful clean changing rooms with communal and private changing options. Spectators are welcome pool side, or if it's too warm they may prefer to stand in the corridor and view through a window.
Our New Reception and coffee shop has just opened! Come and enjoy fantastic Lavazza Coffees and snacks.


You can take part in a wide variety of activities in our pools

Sessions in the toasty warm 34 degree water are generally 30 minutes. You can come and join us for a regular class, Open Swim session or you can rent the pool and have it all to yourself! Our Open Swim Sessions are shared between a small group of people with no teacher present and our Private Swim sessions can be shared with up to 10 friends or family members.
Do you offer activities yourself? If so, contact us to secure regular bookings for you and your customers.


The latest technology in swimming pool system design ensures your absolute safety and comfort when using one of our pools.

We have very large filters and UV (Ultra Violet) sterilisation treatment, much like that used in the production of drinking water. Chlorine and pH levels are monitored automatically every 60 seconds and micro-dosed as required meaning there's never too much or two little chlorine in the water, and perfect pH means no stinging eyes and crystal clear water.

Guidelines for Use

We're very easy going, but still have a few rules

For open swims and private rentals there's no lifeguard present. The usual pool rules apply - No Running, No Jumping, No diving. It's important not to walk on the pool wall between the pool and the viewing area as you could fall. We provide an emergency pull cord which will alert the trained life saver on site. CCTV monitors the pool. We're also relaxed about what you wear in the pool - as long as you are decent and safe you can wear what you please - even a wedding dress!
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